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Interesting Interview With Jason Pierce of Spiritualized

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In honor of their show at Radio City tonight, see this piece here.

Spiritualized To Play “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” At Radio City Friday Night

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Oh my Heavens, where have we been?  How did we not know this and make the according plans.  While we have previously expressed concerns about the moral stance of Spiritualized’s epic — possibly the greatest album of the 1990s, certainly one of the five or ten best since the punk era — there are many things, including vestigial organs, we would give to be there.  If only we could.

Our Austin Correspondent Reports On The Fleshtones’ Latest Triumph

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In addition to posting this video evidence of Fleshtones mania in the capital of the Lone Star State, we have this report from our correspondent in Austin:

They were on fire this weekend.  Some highlights:

• Friday and Saturday they pulled their shirts off, went out in the crowd and led a push-up contest.

• In Dallas, Peter Zaremba kept referring to me as “Joey” — so after they were done, people kept coming up to me and calling me Joey.

• Wednesday they played an in-store at Waterloo — the owner introduced them and said “Viva les Fleshtones” and Peter without pause says “Ooo-uff wit dey heads.”

• They started out in front of the clubs all three nights and worked their way through the surprised crowds singing and banging drums like pied pipers.

• Keith Streng and Ken Fox were airborn for probably about 50% of the sets.

The Sleeping Indian

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See it?  Leica M9, 9omm Sumicron.

Deer Tick’s Sonic “Mange”

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So we really love the new Deer Tick album, The Black Dirt Sessions, a quieter, but by no means more peaceful collection than last year’s Born on Flag Day.  But if you have a spare 99 cents you can fish out of the back of the sofa, and no better place to invest in pure pleasure, download the song “Mange.”  It sounds like an outtake from maybe the first Clapton solo album — you know, various Dominos jamming with Stevie Winwood, and is that Ringo drumming?  It’s a remarkable 5:16.  And there are 10 other songs that are pretty great, too.

Mind Meld

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Leica M9, 90mm Summicron

Jackalope Waiting

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Leica M9, 35mm pre-Asph Summicron v. 4, ISO 80

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