Good Lord, Huntsman Actually Does Know His Beefheart

Okay, we’ll say it: if Jon Huntsman survives until the D.C. primary — is there a D.C. primary? — the entire staff of Tulip Frenzy will march down to that polling booth and… and… sorry, fingers can’t quite type it… well, we’ll think highly of him.  Okay?  (Editor: Not good enough.  You promised to endorse him.)  Okay, okay, based on this apparently genuine interview in Slate in which Huntsman does appear to answer a few of the questions we posed a few weeks back, it would, er, um, appear that Huntsman has earned Tulip Frenzy’s endorsement.  (Editor: Go on.)  Okay, okay.  So, Tulip Frenzy Endorses Huntsman.  Okay, we said it.

(Hat tip to Mark McKinnon.)

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