Election Shocker: Tulip Frenzy Model Shows Woods Taking Lead Over Ty Segall For “Album Of The Year”

This just in.  The Tulip Frenzy 2012 Album Of The Year Forecasting Model now shows that Woods’ Bend Beyond has taken a very narrow 51-49 lead over Ty Segall’s Twins.  While the Tulip Frenzy model is simply an averaging of the Tulip Frenzy World HQ staff’s voting, which is subject to change depending upon factors such as: how many times each staff member has listened to the album, whether or not they are in a jangle mood or a hard rocking mood, etc., the fact that, this close to the publication of the Tulip Frenzy Top Ten List ™ Woods has taken a lead, is meaningful.

Tulip Frenzy polling director Nick Argentina said, “There still are factors in play.  First, the gender gap.  While many of the women in the office think Ty Segall is far cuter than any member of Woods, they do seem to like those chiming guitars, and Jeremy Earl’s voice is growing on them.  Second, when we put together Segall’s Twins with Ty Segall and White Fence’s Hair, and run them as a ticket, the polling goes completely haywire.”

Clearly, with just a few weeks to go, this race is tight as a tick, it all depends on turnout, and who knows whether the polling is skewed by the whole staff having just seen Woods’ amazing show Friday night at the Red Palace.

One Response to “Election Shocker: Tulip Frenzy Model Shows Woods Taking Lead Over Ty Segall For “Album Of The Year””

  1. […] you followed the internals of the polling, did not try to skew them, but believed in data, by Election Day it would have been clear for all to see: Woods’ brilliant “Bend Beyond” shot up like a rocket to take Album of The Year […]

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