Tulip Frenzy’s #7 Best Album of 2012 Is Thee Oh See’s “Putrifiers II”

One of the pleasures of the year was discovering Thee Oh Sees.  And just when we thought we had a handle on the prolific San Francisco punk rockers, they released the ambitious + commercially viable Putrifiers II.  As we said at the time, “It actually is kinda hard understanding Thee Oh Sees, whose new album Putrifiers II stimulates all body parts, from the tips of your toes to the furthest cranial hideaways.  How could a band that, just last year, in their epic punk rock masterpiece Carrion Crawler/The Dream, harken to the heyday of “Final Solution” Pere Ubu and give Capsula a run for their pesetas as the band you’d like to pogo to, come back with something so jaw-droppingly boss’n’beautiful as Putrifiers II?  There’s punk rock galore on this album, but saying it’s a punk album is like saying Sgt. Pepper’s is rock’n’roll — there’s rock’n’roll on it, but so much more!   Just when you think you’ve got them pegged, they wriggle out of your mind’s definition and confound you!  And if that’s not the mark of a first-rate rock’n’roll band, we don’t know what is.”

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