Most Excellent News About A New Kelley Stoltz Album In The Offing

We know that this Internet thing has been down ever since 2.5 billion people last night tried to download the My Bloody Valentine album, but today we have evidence it is back up and running, and it bringeth good tidings.  For those who remember a quieter, but no less happy time when the description of a San Francisco solo artist who crafted incredible rock’n’roll albums by his lonesome referred not to young Ty Segall, but to Kelley Stoltz, we have good news.  Well, in his own words:

i am lucky enough to say my new album will be released by a “fantastic record company” in spring of 2013.  It rocks and it rolls, it repeats, repeats – its got a 12 minute song, its got stuff about anarchists growing old, a song about love, a song about summertime and one about tickling tongues…ESG backs the EVERLY BROTHERS was the mantra.

There now.  Doesn’t that make your day?  The man whose Circular Sounds was the great musical discovery that everyone at Tulip Frenzy World HQ talked about, from its release that winter until it made #2 on the 2008 Tulip Frenzy Top 10 List ™ promises to be back this year with new music.  Yes, we liked 2010’s To Dreamers, but we are hoping this new ‘un fulfills the promise of Circular Sounds, and we await the day when the album arrives.  Don’t worry: tune in here and you will be the first to know.  And why should you care?  Because if Ty Segall is that relentless font of rock’n’roll energy, able to produce three good albums in a given year, think of Kelley as a high-end artisan crafting Ray Davies-inspired perfect musical gizmos in his atelier.   ESG backs the Everly Brothers? We can’t wait.

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