“Mr. Bowie’s Twilight Masterpiece”

We so dreaded this morning, not because of losing an hour’s sleep, but the possibility of revulsion emanating from Jon Pareles being assigned the big New York Times piece on Bowie’s The Next Day.  Thankfully, the editors made the wise decision to assign Simon Reynolds to write a smart piece,, which he has done.  “Now, after his longest musical break ever, the 66-year old Englishman and New York resident is back for what could well be his last blast, the supernova of his stardom.”  We hope that last part is wrong, but the rest of the piece, especially the comparison of the new record to Bowie’s last great one, Lodger, sure rings true.

2 Responses to ““Mr. Bowie’s Twilight Masterpiece””

  1. Got the new album today, so good. Its stuck on repeat. A sort of nod to the past but a look to the future. Have a look at my blog maybe? Thanks. http://atreatfortheeyes.wordpress.com/

  2. johnbuckley100 Says:

    Ah, lucky you, and nice site. We don’t get it here in the States til tomorrow…

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