Wilco’s Roadcase 23 — Their Set From Austin Last Weekend — May Be Their Best Live Album Ever

There was a time in rock’n’roll when the Stones would put out Get Yer Ya-Yas Out, The Who would put out Live At Leeds, or even getting The Clash’s Shea Stadium set released posthumously, was a very big deal.  Live albums often were punctuation marks in an artist’s career, a way of buying time while they recorded that next studio album, or a way of extending the profits from non-stop touring.

But with a nod to the Dead, some years ago, Pearl Jam pioneered the art of releasing virtually every live concert, and in recent years, we’ve had the magnificent collection of Fugazi sets released.  Wilco is now up to 23 Roadcase releases,  and their set from Stubbs last weekend in Austin is possibly their best collection yet.  Here’s the set — a long, comprehensive concert with nods to playing in Texas (Doug Sahm cover, more country than usual), while still coming through with a career-spanning and literally awesome recording.

Here’s the playlist.

01 – Someone Else’s Song
02 – Blood of the Lamb
03 – Hesitating Beauty
04 – Give Back The Key To My Heart [Doug Sahm cover]
05 – Misunderstood
06 – Forget the Flowers
07 – Dead Flowers [The Rolling Stones cover]
08 – Passenger Side
09 – It’s Just That Simple
10 – Handshake Drugs
11 – Hummingbird
12 – Open Mind
13 – Poor Places
14 – Art of Almost
15 – I Might
16 – Impossible Germany
17 – Born Alone
18 – Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)
19 – Radio Cure
20 – Via Chicago
21 – Whole Love
22 – I’m Always In Love
23 – Heavy Metal Drummer
24 – Dawned On Me
25 – Happy Birthday [Mildred J. Hill cover]
26 – Shot in the Arm
27 – Jesus, Etc.
28 – California Stars
29 – Walken
30 – I’m the Man Who Loves You
31 – I Got You (At the End of the Century)
32 – Casino Queen
33 – Hoodoo Voodoo
34 – The Lonely 1


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