Mosquitoes Marring Perfect Symmetry

But not the evening.  However, when it came to process this image, there were so many mosquitoes captured in the sky, to try removing them might have ruined everything.  So, in the interest of historical accuracy, we left them in.  Jackson Hole, Schwabachers Landing, Leica Monochrom (typ-246), 28mm Summicron, orange filter.

Jax B+W Print 6-2

And moments later, there was this.  Same issue with the bugs, dammit.

Jax B+W Print 6-3

2 Responses to “Mosquitoes Marring Perfect Symmetry”

  1. Stunning! Can’t say I can see mosquitoes, though. Still, I’m so happy to enjoy the view without the itching.

  2. johnbuckley100 Says:

    Jim – glad you can’t see ’em. They sure were there…

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