Helicon’s Thundering Glaswegian Psych

“We’re Gaun Tae The Moon,” is the third song on Helicon’s new EP, Gehenna, and like a Jeff Torrington novel or a meal of haggis, it is not for the faint of heart.  Nine minutes of thundering instrumental riff rock with the drum kit at the center of the mix, this is music for fans of Sleepy Sun, the Wooden Shjips, and others who like their psych with a metallic taste.

The five-piece band from the Glasgow suburb of East Kilbride are not the only brother-led group from their neighborhood to make amps shudder, for if memory serves, this is the town from which Jim and William Reid launched the Jesus and Mary Chain.  With a sound more like the Koolaid Electric Company than JAMC, we envision them playing under castle’s eve in the full of moon.  Touring widely in support of bands like the Warlocks and the Black Ryder, Helicon’s latest EP shows the band is ready for its long player, which we hope comes soon.

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