Introducing Tulip Frenzy Photography: Images By John Buckley

Tulip Frenzy Photos

Some years ago, when Tulip Frenzy launched, I gave it a subtitle: “Commentary On Music (Mostly), With An Occasional Photo.” Over time, though, Tulip Frenzy became a blog in which I published photos and occasionally wrote about music. It’s not that music became less important to me.  Clearly, my passion for photography became more intense, even as fewer were the albums or concerts that could prompt the kind of fanzine gushing that was the motivation for much of the writing in the early days.

So last week, I began publishing Tulip Frenzy Photography: Images By John Buckley, a freestanding site on which I’ll exhibit, and possibly sell, my photography.

Think of it as a sister site to Tulip Frenzy.  Bookmark it if you’d like.  Rest assured that I will still publish both the occasional photo and the occasional music piece on Tulip Frenzy.  But if the photos are worth a damn, you may see them migrate into gallery space on the sister site.  I hope you like it.

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