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The Peaceful Spot In Georgetown That Is The Setting For George Saunders’ “Lincoln In The Bardo”

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Today is the pub date for George Saunders’ first novel, Lincoln In The Bardo, which is set in Oak Hill Cemetery, above Georgetown.  In the novel, the spirit of Willie Lincoln, dead at age 11 in 1862, exists along with others in that netherworld between life and Buddhist reincarnation.  President Lincoln, convulsed in mourning, visits his son, and is observed by the other spirits.  We have visited Oak Hill Cemetery many times, and it is situated next to Dumbarton Oaks, its front entrance looking down upon Georgetown and the Potomac, its back acreage looking down upon Rock Creek Park.  It is a gorgeous, peaceful spot, and a lovely place to visit on a Sunday afternoon in turbulent times.  All images Leica M10.







These Arms To Hold You

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SL Dumbarton These Arms To Hold You

Quick, Follow That Butterfly

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Leica M, 21mm Summilux, ND filter, Color Efex Pro4.


Juxtaposition In The Nation’s Capital

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Different strokes for different folks.  Leica M, 21mm Summilux, ND filter.


The Face Of Sayil

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Sayil, Yucatan, perhaps our favorite of all the Mayan ruins.  Leica M, 21mm Summilux, Velvia preset from Color Efex Pro 4.

Sayil (1 of 1)-2

Our City Won’t Look Like This, Not In A Thousand Years

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Or will it?  Uxmal, Yucatan.  Leica Monochrom, 21mm Summilux.  (This one you really need to click on to see…)

Uxmal Portrait

The Bishop’s Garden

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Leica Monochrom, 21mm Summilux

Over the past month, on a two or three times per week basis, we’ve been taking the Leica M Monochrom to the Bishop’s Garden of the National Cathedral in Washington to document this beautiful spot and the people who come there.  Here is a gallery of images we entitle “In The Bishop’s Garden” to get a sense of what a beautiful public space this is, at different times of day, in the late summer/early autumn.  We should say, it is really gorgeous in color, too, and we’ve been coming here with various cameras for years.  But we especially enjoyed visiting it with the Monochrom, thinking in terms of black and white only.

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