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Very Pleased To Have My Photography Represented By The Stephen Bartels Gallery In London

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The Stephen Bartels Gallery in London has emerged as the premier showcase for photographers around the world who are dedicated to taking pictures using Leica equipment.  I am very pleased to announce that, as of this morning, my photography will be represented by Stephen.

The page dedicated to our work links to three photographs that longtime readers of Tulip Frenzy will recognize, including one of the images chosen by the jury for the Leica Store in Washington’s “D.C. As I See It” exhibition this past spring.

The Stephen Bartels Gallery has a joint exhibition with the Leica Store in Mayfair, which will run through the weekend.

Check out the gallery online, or go visit it when you are in London.  We’re very pleased to join some fantastic photographers, all of whose work you should check out.  And very pleased to be represented by Stephen.

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