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Color Wins, Sometimes

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We had great fun out West principally using the Leica Monochrom (typ-246) to capture images of Jackson Hole in black and white.  Every once in a while, though, a natural experiment takes place where we come across an image we took in color that is virtually the same as what was captured in black and white.  Monochrome has stopping power, timelessness.  Ah, but sometimes color nails it.  You be the judge.

Jax B+W Dodge Export Ha Fooled You!

That’s the way our M-240 caught the sunset underneath the Sleeping Indian, with the 75mm APO-Summicron-Asph. And this is the way our Monochrom caught it with the 50mm APO.

Jax B+W 1

We thought the black and white image was nice enough to print.  But we now believe color wins here, hands down.  Yes, you do not need a monochrome-only camera to make such experiments, but as readers of Tulip Frenzy know, we like the idea of deliberately going out to take monochrome-only images.  This time, though, we’re glad we brought along the M.

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