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Magic Trick’s Gorgeous “River Of Souls” Arrives In Time For Your Holiday Entertaining

Posted in Music with tags , , , on December 3, 2013 by johnbuckley100

There will soon come a time — it may be now — when people quit referring to Magic Trick as the side project of The Fresh & Onlys’ Tim Cohen.  For really, when the merits are weighed, the better description is that The Fresh & Onlys are Magic Trick frontman’s Tim Cohen’s side project.

River Of Souls made it in just under the wire, and we would convene the editorial team at Tulip Frenzy World HQ to have a serious discussion of which worthy band it must bump to make it on our pretty much already formed Top Ten List, if only we could get them to stop dancing to the Kelley Stoltzy “The Store,” or nodding their heads to the fun “My World.”

This is an album that is at once so tastefully tuneful, so catchy and pretty, sweet and bright that we are already making up the seating charts for Holiday parties in the weeks ahead — just so we can play it at dinner!   The fire crackling, suckling spam coming from the roti, the claret decorked — oh, the festivities this brilliant disk will get going.  It’s going to be a helluva warm’n’toasty finish to 2013, now that said bright platter’s plopped on the old victrola.

If ever you want that perfect example of how someone who doesn’t always hit the notes can be said to have a great voice, don’t invoke Lou or Bob.  Tim Cohen can either over- or undershoot the melody, but on average his singing’s marvelous, and he long ago learned the pro tip that wrapping his vox in the soft flannel of a pretty girl’s voice, better yet two, would make everyone feel warm inside.  We loved last year’s Ruler Of The Night, which sounded like what would happen if the Brian Eno of Tiger Mountain had been kidnapped and fed mushrooms in Mendocino.  In fact, we’d venture that “Weird Memories” was our single favorite song of the year.  But here’s the thing, River of Souls is better.  It’s a smoky, mysterious, sinuous dip into complex folk rock with psychedelic undertones and a soupçon of Beggars Banquet-like country added to the mix.

Download “Salvation” and your ears will respond like you’ve just filled them with melted chocolate that’s been left to cool in the warm breeze of a Baja California night.  One song later, when the gorgeous “Bridge of Gold” comes on, you’ll find yourself shushing loved ones while saying not a word.  That’s right, you won’t have to tell them what to listen for.  They’ll just start nodding their heads to the beat, and will thank you for allowing them to listen.

Will The Fresh & Onlys’ “Soothsayer” E.P. Be Tim Cohen’s Only Big Move In 2013?

Posted in Music with tags , , on September 30, 2013 by johnbuckley100

Last week, S.F. garage janglers The Fresh & Onlys put out a six-song E.P., their first new music since the Long Slow Dance came out last year.  Of course it took us a few days to get to it, given that we took Kelley Stoltz’s Double Exposure, some sandwiches and a jug of water down to the Situation Room, with its massive speakers and comfy couch, only to emerge days later with a smile and a few day’s growth on our face.  The new Soothsayer E.P. is further evidence that The Fresh & Onlys deserve to be considered one of the Bay Area’s major league acts, able to hold up their end of the bargain — albeit in a quieter, less propulsive manner than stalwarts like Ty Segall* (whose L.P. with his metal thrashers, Fuzz, is out tomorrow), Thee Oh Sees, and of course Kelley.

But may we issue this hope? Tim Cohen’s principal “other” band is Magic Trick, and to our ears, nothing he’s done with The Fresh & Onlys is as good as Magic Trick’s astonishing Ruler of The Night, which also came out last year.  If the pattern was set as one Fresh & Onlys album for every Magic Trick long player, then our expectation is that Magic Trick will now put out more music this year.  After all, we know from correspondent reports that Magic Trick played a few weeks ago in San Francisco, even as The F & Ts were gearing up to tour with Tulip Frenzy faves Woods.  And all you have to do is compare Magic Trick’s “Weird Memory” to anything by The Fresh & Onlys to grok why we’re rooting for that Tim Cohen project to get cracking.

* We don’t care whether Ty’s moved back to Southern California; he is, like Rice-a-roni, to be permanently associated with San Francisco.

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