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Morgan Delt’s “Phase Zero” Is The Best Psych Album Of 2016

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When Bill Doss passed away in 2012, we despaired of ever again hearing an album that blew our mind quite the way Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle by The Olivia Tremor Control did when we first heard it 20 years ago.  But then earlier this summer, the mysterious Morgan Delt released “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside,” which leads off his second album, Phase Zero, and if it’s possible to get the same rush the second time through, yep, this song did it.

Here’s everything we know about “Morgan Delt”: that’s not his real name, his eponymous first album was every bit as weird as a typical Olivia Tremor Control outing, he works as a graphic designer in California, Sub Pop were wise enough to lock him in a studio all by himself, and he’s playing September 20th at DC9 in the Nation’s Capital. Oh, and Phase Zero is a gorgeous, weird, melodic, inventive, soothing, trippy self-produced album in which he plays all the instruments.

“I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside” really does begin like a lost OTC track, and then fades into the boss “The System Of 1000 Lies,” like the best psychedelic album of your amped-up dreams.  The album is mostly those strangely treated six-string guitars, some keyboards for texture, and yeah, underneath it all, we suppose, are bass and drums, but think of this essentially as a longhaired guy singing gorgeously over slow and meandering highly electrified guitar lines, while floaters cross your vision and all solid walls have finely limned colors bleating and tricking your olfactory nerve ends.

We invoke, of course, the Elephant 6 bands, of which OTC was simply our (second) favorite (after the Apples In Stereo), but there is another, important reference point here, and it’s the trio of cross-indexed records made in the mid-70s by Cluster, Eno, and Harmonia (which consisted of the two guys in Cluster plus a guitarist genius pal.)  Their mostly instrumental early German electronica platters have been pulsing across our earbuds for many, many years, but never so intensively as in the last year when a deluge of Cluster and Harmonia recs became available to the non-Teutonic world, and yes, seems like Mr. Delt has been snuffling up these tracks for a long time too.

By the time the most excellent Phase Zero hits “Some Sunsick Day,” we are deeply into Eno’s “On Some Faraway Beach,” and we’re ready to come back to reality, weary, changed, a little emotionally wrought, no longer hearing through our nose and seeing through our ears, but satisfied that we’ve seen God, and his name is Morgan Delt.


Stop The Presses: Olivia Tremor Control Release First New Song Since 1999

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“The Game You Play Is In Your Head, Pts. 1, 2, & 3,” which Elephant 6 Collective founding papas The Olivia Tremor Control gave birth to today, contains in its 5:15 a history in miniature of what we’d presumed was a late and lamented band (at least in the studio.)  Sure, they’ve played gigs over the last few years when others of their ilk — from Neutral Milk Hotel to The Gerbils — have, well, collected themselves.  But a new recording?  One thinks of the great line by John Dunsmore when asked what it would take to get him to perform under the band name The Doors, and he said, “Well, if Jim Morrison returned…” We don’t know what led to this happy iTunes posting, but here’s the essential info:  it sounds exactly like the band that recorded Dusk At The Cubist Castle — you know, the Beatles and The Stones take a break from recording “We Love You” to all get high on nitrous oxide, while Eno, or is it Owsley? keeps the magnetic tapes running.  No, it doesn’t rock exactly as much as “The Opera House” or something, but in at least the loping opening movement, when the drums kick in, it has the power of a pachyderm on thorazine, and then turns into a hummingbird orchestra all playing kazoos!  And it’s only after that that that the real fun begins… And the album to follow?  Watch this space…

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