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New Hints That Jon Pareles Is A Vampire

Posted in Music with tags , on December 22, 2008 by johnbuckley100

A few weeks back, Tulip Frenzy asserted not only that Jon Pareles was the worst rock critic in America, but that  his continual use of the word “vamp” might be a hint that he is… a vampire. Since then, incredibly, he’s stopped using “vamp” in each and every review.

Then this morning, when the Times’ chief rock critic gave his Top Ten list of the year — and yep, Portishead was numero dos — he left us this incredibly well crafted sentence, this gem of writing, with this further hint: “With a wistful familiarity that’s spookier than most scare tactics, Bradford Cox sings about “dreams that frighten me awake”: woozy visions of murder, confinement and vampires.”

Ho ho ho.  If you are a friend of Jon Pareles, stay away during the upcoming full moon…

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