Some Morning After Girls Are Now the black ryder

From the same tipsters that told Tulip Frenzy that Sacha of the Morning After Girls was in New York mastering the band’s new album comes word that Aimee and Scott, having left the MAG, are now in a band called the black ryder.  See links below.  Some good songs on their MySpace page. They sound a lot like the Warlocks, and lo and behold, see who their friends are: the Warlocks, the Dandys, BJM, Spaceman 3, etc.  No album or downloadable songs yet in the States, but watch this space.



2 Responses to “Some Morning After Girls Are Now the black ryder”

  1. the black ryders are pretty medicore. that aimee lass is smoking, but vocally, as good as maybe half the female shoegaze vocalists out there in unknown bands. vocals low in the mix, breathless whinery, eh.

    the new MAG tune is pretty stellar though. those lads are great rock vocalists, great melodies.

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