Will Alejandro Escovedo’s “Real Animal” Make Him A Star, Finally?

Alejandro Escovedo is about to release a new album, “Real Animal,” and I note that he’s to perform on the set of the “Today Show” on June 24th, the date of release.  That stage is usually reserved for reunions by New Kids on the Block, right? He was interviewed by the great Kid Leo on Little Steven’s Underground Garage. He’s on the road opening for Dave Mathews.  He’s just been signed by a new manager, Jon Landau, who’s other notable client is some guy from New Jersey named Bruce.  Could this, at long bloody last, be it?  Are the portents for the success so cruelly denied one of our greatest songwriters and performers at last showing up, like a comet in the evening sky?  

Consider this: if you go to Alejandro Escovedo.com and play the new “Nuns Song” which previews on it, you’ll get a taste of Al at his hard rock best — Hector walloping the drums, Brian’s cello chugging like a freight train, with this underlying “96 Tears” farfisa reminding us of Al’s garage roots.  It’s about his late ’70s San Francisco band, The Nuns, and it’s a rockin’ gem.  “Sister Lost Soul” is Alejandro at his most melodically beautiful. “Always A Friend” showcases the Tony Visconti production.  Yeah, it could be on a Mott The Hoople album, if Mott the Hoople was the finest band in Austin.  (It actually sounds — and in this context, it’s a compliment — a little like that guy name of Bruce.)

I was disappointed by what John Cale did with Alejandro’s sound on “The Boxing Mirror,” the might-not-have-ever-happened album heralding his return to health and sobriety following a nasty interlude with Interferon in the goal of recovery from Hep C.  But these songs, co-written by Chuck Prophet, are superb.

Is the American musical artist most worthy of success finally about to taste some? Oh man.  Fingers crossed.



3 Responses to “Will Alejandro Escovedo’s “Real Animal” Make Him A Star, Finally?”

  1. So is Heinz’s no longer his manager? Do you have an email address for Jon Landau? Thanks!

  2. johnbuckley100 Says:

    Yes, I’m certain Jon Landau is his new manager, but don’t have his email address.

  3. Thank you for the reply. I have met Alejandro (we both have Hep C) but couldn’t seem to get any emails past his manager the past couple of years even though Alejandro had asked me to send him a few things. Perhaps this new manager will be more *user friendly* LOL I, too, hope that Alejandro’s music is heard by ALL soon. He really has awesome talent and deserves to be a STAR!!
    He is also very much appreciated by the hep C community for keeping awareness and education about HCV in the news. The general public is very confused about the various types of Hepatitis and so many that have hepatitis C won’t talk about it. Alejandro ROCKS! I made 2 posters for World Hep Day and made sure Alejandro was *front and center* on them as well as always keeping him as no. ONE on my My Space friends list. http://www.myspace.com/figmento


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