AT&T Deal Is Turning Apple Into Just Another Mobile Company

Tulip Frenzy is dedicated, as it says, to matters musical, and occasionally photographic.  But music and photography were drivers of why all of us at Tulip Frenzy World HQ use Macs.  Once in the Apple ecosystem, you tend to be pretty unforgiving of things that alter life in the neighborhood.  The advent of a new iPhone that is faster should be an occasion for cheers.  But because of the deal that Apple cut with AT&T, it’s an occasion for jeers.  Here’s a report from a senior member of the TF team:
“The ATT provisioning process has turned each transaction into half an hour.  Five, six clerks per store, average 20 minutes per transaction, and that’s fewer than 20 people an hour who can get one of the suckers.  Add to that the maddening paucity of the devices, so everyone goes to the stores that have the magic green dot show up on the site the night before, and you have, as I witnessed/participated in AGAIN this morning, approximately 80 people in line at 10:00 a.m.  You can do the math.  And it was hot.  And I had work to do.  Sheesh.  So I left after half an hour.  I think I will try again in a few weeks.  For now, it’a too annoying and I’m getting peeved at Apple for subjecting its early adopters to a kludgy process dictated by AT&T.”

The sooner they get this fixed, the better.

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