There’s A New Song By “The Morning After Girls”

The Morning After Girls are showing signs of life.  New song posted on their MySpace pages.  Great guitar sound, high production quality, vocals strong in a Stone Rosey way.  Hey guys — I mean, girls — can we hear some more please?

UPDATE: So “Who Is They” begins with the same ominous noises as an episode of “Lost,” and ends with a controlled version of the orchestral crash of “A Day In The Life.”  In between are pretty harmony vocals, a brightly picked repeating riff  —  think of Noel Gallagher’s guitar intro to “A Bell Will Ring” — that builds gloriously.  There are a lot of late ’80s/early ’90s bands that come to mind — good ones, like House of Love.  Very powerful.  Which means whatever Sacha and the boys, er, Girls have been up to is good.  The sooner they get it out there, the better, for The Morning After Girl’s “Prelude EPs 1 & 2” was no proper debut.  Magnificent sounding, and put together at LP length, two EP’s stitched together does not a freshman outing make.  C’mon, guys — putting “Who Is They” up has tantalized us.  We want more.

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