Dandy Warhols Return to Earth, Sort Of

It’s nice to have the Dandy Warhols put out an album you can listen to the whole way through, and “Earth To The Dandy Warhols” is something of a return to form, but what form would that be?  What was always so charming about the early albums was Courtney Taylor-Taylor-Taylor’s arch voice, the unique guitar sound, the hip, well, earthiness of their melodic songs of urban bohemia.  The new album, amusing again, in some cases pretty, still seems like a band caught in an orbit it can’t return from for fear of burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere.   I will listen to this album, I’ll even enjoy it, but when I think of the Dandy Warhols — that band who brightened the ’90s and seemed so fresh upon arrival — I’ll push the button on “Dandys Rule, Ok?”  File under disappointment.

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