Alejandro Escovedo’s O Street House Party

Ain’t nothin’ but a house party that Alejandro put on at the O Street Mansion in D.C. last night.  By the time he got to “Pissed Off 2AM,” his voice was a little ragged, and so it should be, when you’ve played your heart out for a stadium arena — actually, for an intimate gathering of 100 lucky fans.  Because they were filming for a yet-to-be-announced project, it seemed like Alejandro, Susan Voelz, and David Pulkingham ramped up their set with even greater tension, simultaneously more precise and wilder in their abandon.  If the highlights from last Sunday’s show at the Birchmere were “Everybody Loves Me” and “Deerhead On The Wall,” last night the highlights were “I Was Drunk” and “Chelsea Hotel.”  Not to mention “All The Young Dudes,” sung while standing about four inches from the crowd.  This portion of Alejandro’s version of the Never Ending Tour having concluded, we look forward to his return with the whole rocking ensemble.  And since he deserves to play in stadiums, if that’s where he wants his next house party to be, we’ll show up there, too.

(If possible, will post some of Carl Hutzler’s superb photos later.  If not, go here to see them:

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