2nd Best Album of 2008, Kelley Stoltz’s “Circular Sounds”

Classicists — and apparently creative directors at the nation’s advertising agencies — rejoiced when Kelley Stoltz released Circular Sounds in January.  It is not enough that half of the best songs used in ads in the last year came from his previous album, Below The Branches; many of the best songs from this one are — whether you realize it or not — blaring from ads for banks and hotels on car radios.   And if the only way he can get on the airwaves is through having his little gems cut into zircon jingles, we’ll still take it.  What the world needs now is not, as David Lowery once had it, a new Frank Sinatra: it’s a new Ray Davies.   Stoltz has put out the best Kinks album since Preservation.  This would have been Tulip Frenzy’s #1 choice had not a certain Mr. Zimmerman staked his claim.  “When You Forget” was probably played on the TF office  iPod more than any other song this year.  Dollars to donuts the same thing can be said this time next year.

3 Responses to “2nd Best Album of 2008, Kelley Stoltz’s “Circular Sounds””

  1. hey my gal forwarded this to me — thanks a bunch…!! glad youve enjoyed the tunes.

    • johnbuckley100 Says:

      Kelley – Circular Sounds is still the best album recorded RECENTLY that was released in 2008. Can’t wait to hear the follow-up — and to see you play a set. Cheers to you, JB

  2. […] raved about Kelley Stoltz a time or two, given his records the highest marks on our 2010 and 2008 Top Ten Lists.  Somehow, even with all our raving, we have failed in getting him to perform at […]

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