We Missed Darker My Love’s Great 2008 Album “2”

Oh yeah, this woulda, shoulda made the vaunted Tulip Frenzy Top 10 list…

Comprised of remnant pieces of The Nerve Agents (singer/guitarist Tim Presley) and the Distillers (Andy Granelli), and with a sound that is one part Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, one part Dandy Warhols, add some BJM Paisley-era wah-wah, a dash of Beulah and perhaps a dollop of the High Dials. These guys are grrrr-eat. You can imagine a set with them opening for the Warlocks, followed by the Dark Angels, or maybe the other way around.

Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia once famously said, “When I make a mistake, it’s a beaut.”  And so it goes for Tulip Frenzy, willing to state without equivocation that Darker My Love’s 2 was one of 2008’s Ten Best albums.  Who would have fallen out of the Tulip Frenzy pantheon to make room for them is not known.  Let’s just say we won’t make this mistake again, salute these guys, and leave it at that.

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