Bigger Than The Led Zep Reunion, Magazine Comes Back for Five Gigs

Beginning next weekend, alas, across the pond.

From the Guardian:

In subsequent years, one of pop’s great talents has been frustratingly detached. A 1983 solo album, Jerky Versions of the Dream, was followed by two albums as Luxuria and a reunion with Shelley for 2002’s Buzzkunst. In the meantime, Magazine’s legend has grown. Devoto was working on some music under the name Death Sweet and, typically, thinking of donating the proceeds to the campaign for assisted suicides (“Not very commercial, hah!”) when the group’s former members began working – separately – on a Formula solo album. A promoter offering Formula some live dates subsequently sent a “very hesitant email” enquiring as to the possibility of reuniting Magazine. Formula contacted bass player Barry Adamson, drummer John Doyle and Devoto.

“Dave made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” says the singer, drily. “He said ‘Howard, it’s your last chance to be venerable.'” Sadly, McGeoch won’t make the reunion – he died in 2004, meaning the band are again having to replace “one of the batteries”. However, Formula insists that when they take the stage again – with Devoto’s former Luxuria partner, Noko, on guitar – they will “be Magazine”. Perhaps, back in the band who are loved more now than at the time, Devoto will finally achieve that sense of belonging.

“I still see the three guys I hung out with in my teens,” he considers, allowing himself a smile. “I like old gangs.”

· Magazine play London Forum (February 12-13) Glasgow Academy (16) and Manchester Academy (14 and 17). The Complete John Peel Sessions is out now on Virgin/EMI


So this is what Howard Devoto looks like now (link below.)

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