Is First Communion After Party The Best Twin Cities Band Since NNB?

I think yes.  Since midweek, I can’t quite get to listening to any other band.  Sorry For All The Mondays… doesn’t have a single bad song on it.  Yeah, below you can see the initial reference points: Jefferson Airplane, shoe-gaze bands like Spaceman 3, bands like Black Mountain and the Black Angels and the Warlocks.  But these guys are magical.  Aside from having the best band name since The Rolling Stones, they’re the best Minny band since the legendary NNB of Big Hits From Mid-America fame, whose 30th anniversary hits this summer.  (They’re going to have a festival at the Hump Dome to honor the occasion.  Editor: no, they’re not.)

Tulip Frenzy wouldn’t steer you wrong: download “2CB” and if you don’t like it, we’ll give 99 cents to the charity of your choice.

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