Will The Pink Mountaintops “Outside Love” Be The Album Of The Year?

Sure sounds like it’ll be in contention.  Due out May 5th, it defintely has the best album cover — Outside Love as a 1940s-era first edition novel, wrapped in blue velvet.  It sounds nothing like their earlier work, and a forensic examiner would be hard-pressed to find even trace elements of Black Mountain’s DNA.  Good Lord, far from the PM’s early Pere Ubu skronk, the synth-driven precursor to Black Mountain’s “Angels”, their MySpace page reveals Stephen McBean and company sounding far closer to Matthew Camirand’s Blood Meridian.  This is a Gastown hoe-down, or the Felice Brothers with good voices and something to say.  I’ve thought of McBean’s ensembles as music from urban lofts, but on this one, you can see mist lifting off fields pressed against the Vancouver Straits.  Sure seems like a week after we get to listen to the new Dylan album, our earbuds will be cranking Pink Mountaintops.

(Wanna hear it?  See that Pink Mountaintops link over there. Yeah, that’s the one.)

Update: iTunes sez April 28th’s the day.  Yippee.

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