What’s Your Beatles Remasters Strategy?

Everything you’ve read about the remastered Beatles CDs is true, based on my limited sample set.  I bought, and have played, The Beatles and Abbey Road, and then Rubber Soul and Revolver.

In the case of The White Album (The Beatles), everything sounds warmer, brighter.  If you play the 1987 pressing and the new one sequentially, the former seems brittle and dull.  It is actually very noticeable.

The White Album and Abbey Road were meant to be listened to on a stereo. But when you play Rubber Soul and Revolver, you realize just how crude the stereo mix is. Bright and warm, yes, but the mix is decidedly 1965/66, whereas The White Album sounds like it could have been recorded last week.

So I broke down and bought the Mono Box.  Because all those great albums pre-’67 are meant to be listened to in mono.  Tulip Frenzy will conduct strenuous tests in the weeks ahead and report in.

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