Black Mountain’s “Druganaut” In Buick Lacrosse Ad

Pigs fly, cows jump over the moon, ice cubes rattle in the devil’s tumbler.  I just was watching the Packers and Vikings on Monday Night Football when what did my little ears hear but Black Mountain’s “Druganaut” in a Buick ad.  Black Mountain!  “Druganaut”!  Here’s hoping Stephen McBean gets a ski chalet at Whistler Mountain out of the deal.  Does the US government know that taxpayer dollars are funding “Druganaut” to market those crappy Buicks?

4 Responses to “Black Mountain’s “Druganaut” In Buick Lacrosse Ad”

  1. Andrew Wellinghoff Says:

    Normally, I am not very bothered when I hear a song I like in a commercial, but for some reason I was COMPLETELY disappointed when I heard Black Mountain in a buick ad. Black Mountain’s “In the Future” is basically my favorite album of the past few years and now it’s been whored out to GM.

  2. I still remember that first GAP ad with Henry Rollins….you’ll get over in a few years!

  3. […] through the cosmically odd use of “Druganaut” in an ad for the Buick Lacrosse (see Tulip Frenzy’s writeup here.)  I guess last year was The Pink Mountaintops’ turn, though it was disappointing that we […]

  4. […] did before Black Mountain, trying to help out their neighbors to the south, let that ‘un be used to sell Buicks, which really got that whole GM recovery thing started, leading to the economic recovery, the Obama […]

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