An Update On The Black Ryder’s Album

The Black Ryder (hey, they refer to themselves on their MySpace page with capital letters, so we can too now, we guess) have updated info on the release of their first album (Update From the black ryder (or is it The Black Ryder?) Kudos are sent to Peter Hayes of BRMC, who is on the album.  Remember, kids: TBR are an offshoot of The Morning After Girls, and they kill.

Sounds like it’s out Down Under by mid-November, with no update on when it will be available here.

They nicely quote from Tulip Frenzy on their MySpace page:

TULIP FRENZY: : All we can say is Wow. “Burn and Fade” sounds like the glorious offspring of a marriage between Spacemen 3 and Luna, with Mazzy Star doing the officiating.

And we stick by what we said!

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