Fleshtones Frontman Peter Zaremba Upends The Blogosphere

If Tulip Frenzy were a bar, we’d call Peter Zaremba a friend of the house and set him up with a free one every time he sat down.  How nice it was to hear from him yesterday, and to learn that one of rock’n’roll’s most entertaining writers has started his own blog entitled: Busybuddy, A Life of Excitement.

Now you may know Peter only as The Fleshtones’ singer, organist, and harp player, the funnest frontman ever to don a sequined shirt.  You may remember him as an MTV host back in the day when the M in MTV stood for “music,” not “moronic.” You may not know that Peter is also a journalist nonpareil.  For example, his GQ feature on the best and worst haircuts in rock history was hilarious and wonderful and only hints at his capabilities — which apparently are no longer in service to the late Modern Bride magazine, the demise of which has left a hole… well, somewhere.

Get ready to bookmark.  Tulip Frenzy is pleased to start sending traffic to Busybuddy, A Life of Excitement.

Peter Zaremba’s Blog

2 Responses to “Fleshtones Frontman Peter Zaremba Upends The Blogosphere”

  1. gee,
    John, I don’t know what to say other than thanks.
    Gotta get a link into Busy Buddy for Tulip Frenzy, if just so’s people can read these flattering remarks about ME.
    Again, sincerest thanks,
    p.s. When I worked for FS&G many moons ago one of the titles we handled was that reprint about historie’s great crazes,, frauds and ‘bubbles’ (ie The Mississippi Bubble of Louis XIV times). OF course tulipomania has its chapter. Great book, gotta track that one down…

  2. johnbuckley100 Says:

    Peter – will track down the book, and keep a close eye on Busy Buddy. Cheers to ya, JB

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