Not Trying To Tip Our Hands On Tulip Frenzy’s Album Of The Year

Hey, the year’s young.  There’s at least three weeks for someone to produce an album better than anything released by Sonic Youth, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, Robyn Hitchcock, and all the rest of the contenders.

Let us just say that this is an excellent moment for Sonic Youth to have released on iTunes a set from an in-store promotion at the Soho Apple Store.  With most of the songs emanating from The Eternal, we’re reminded what was on our playlist all summer long. So the version of “Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso)” has a vocal performance that makes us think Kim and Thurston were looking longingly at that new 27″ iMac, and not concentrating on harmonies, it’s a pretty impressive set, especially the version of  “Anti-Orgasm.”

Wish I could have been there, because I missed ’em when they were in DC this summer, and I would have loved to have heard the band that made the bes… I mean, a really good album that looms high in the office betting on who’s going to walk off with the vaunted T.Frenzy “Album ‘o The Year” gold cup.

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