The Ones That Got Away: 2008 Albums Tulip Frenzy Wished It Had Noticed

As the gang at Tulip Frenzy World HQ gets ready to prepare the 2009 Tulip Frenzy Top Ten List, let’s just acknowledge that long about February, we’ll already be playing music we missed from this year and saying, “Damn, how did we miss that?”  So just to clear up some  loose ends, let’s put down the list of music from 2008 we flat out missed.  There was a lot of good music that came out in 2009, but here’s what we listened to from 2008, regretting it took us so long.

First Communion After Party

How it was we missed the best record by a new band in 2008, we may not know, and we’re not too proud to admit it.  FCAP’s Sorry For All The Mondays and To Those Who Can’t Sing was the best debut since, dunno, Echo and the Bunnymen?  The Pixies? This neo-psychedelic powerhouse from Minneapolis was on the iPod all year long.  Too bad we couldn’t have given them their due.  And boys and girls?  Time to get back in the studio and crank out a new one.  After all, since we consider you as good as, if not better than, Black Mountain, the Black Angels, the Warlocks, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, and have been telling this to everyone we meet, it’s time to pick up the slack and crank out new tunes!  We want you to put out the best album of 2010!

Tift Merrit

We really like Tift Merrit, we just got a little sick of her circa Bramble Rose. Somehow last year she came out with a killer album, Another Country, and it wasn’t until this year that we went, Who was that?  And sure ‘nough, it was Tift.   Who uncorked a scorcher of a country’n’torch song soulfest.  Love it.

Darker My Love

Straight out of the BRMC school of fuzztone punk, kickass beat, and solid, throbbing mid-tempo songwriting, Darker My Love released their second album in 2008, imaginatively entitled 2, and we missed it.  Fortunately, we got on the bandwagon and discovered their even better eponymous first album from 2006 (they save their creativity for the studio, not titling their albums.)  Wish we hadn’t missed ’em, glad it wasn’t a permanent error.

King Khan and The Shrines

We’re not even sure we missed them last year; it may have been the year before.  After all, one of the two or three greatest garage rock songs of the last decade is their “Outta Harms Way.”  But if you go sleuthin’, you’ll find it shows up on various albums spread out over a couple of years.  The one on the obscure Serbian label may have come out first, or was the Burkina Faso version?  Anyway, the version we first heard came out last year.  Missed it.

Okay, enough admission of fallibility.  We’re not planning on going on a self-lacerating kick.  It happens.  Wait til next year… when we review what we’re about to miss when compiling our list of the best of this year…


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