Getting A Handle On Selective Focus

M9, Nokton 50 f/1.1

2 Responses to “Getting A Handle On Selective Focus”

  1. You do love your depth of field. Do you find it hard to focus the rangefinder at such a big aperture? Do you need to take multiple shots and chimp on the back until you get it right or is the M9 accurate enough without?

  2. johnbuckley100 Says:

    It’s second nature, by this point. The rangefinder focusing patch is very easy to perfect. The bigger issue is one’s eyesight, especially in darker settings. If you can’t see to focus…. For the most part, though, it’s easy, and using telephoto lenses, for example, there are magnifiers one can put on the eyepiece.

    Of course, the biggest difference between a rangefinder and an SLR in terms of what the photographer sees is with the former, you are framing within framelines, you are not actually seeing the same image as your sensor. But that makes it easier/better, in my opinion, because you can see something outside of the frame — notice someone is walking toward you, or that you’re missing something that is worthy of including — and can adjust accordingly.

    Finally, the reason to use expensive Leica glass (or less expensive, but pretty great Cosinia-Voigtlander glass, such as the Nokton) is to shoot as wide open as you can, as often as you can.

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