Uncut’s Top 10 List Is So Predictable

Over the past five years, no single publication has turned me on to more good music than the British slick Uncut. Through their good auspices, I discovered Black Mountain, The Black Angels, Blood Meridian, Oedipussy, Kelley Stoltz, the Felice Brothers, and it’s possible that First Communion Afterparty became known in these parts through Uncut‘s writing.

But there is a downside to paying too much attention to the magazine’s recommendations, and it is their sometimes championing bands so dreary and boring it defies belief.  Last year they gave their #1 Album of the Year ranking to Porishead.  Portishead!  And so of course they gave their top slot this year to Animal Collective.

I would rather be mauled by grizzly bears — not Grizzly Bear — and have weasels rip my flesh than have to listen to Animal Collective’s Merriwether Post Pavilion.  In fact, I would probably rank it the Most Boring Album of 2009.

But Uncut declares it the champ-een on the world.  And of course they do.

If you’d like a glimpse at a myriad of Top Ten lists, check out this compendium from Largehearted Boy Top Ten Lists Galore.

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