Heaven-Sent Marriage: Ivan Julian and Capsula

In the nick of time, just as my iPod was showing carpal tunnel effects from replaying Capsula over and over, those nice folks in Bilbao who run Bloody Hotsak sent the Ivan Julian & Capsula cd The Naked Flame by meth-jacked carrier pigeons. Man, if ever there were two musical forces meant for each other it’s the former Voidoid and these ex-pat Porteno savants.

If Jimi Hendrix had been born ten years later, if he’d arrived in the States fresh from London in ’77, not ’67, he’d probably have sounded like Ivan Julian.  A big part of the Voidoids sheer propulsiveness came from Julian’s guitar (bisected perfectly by the unearthly skronk of that scruffy lapsed lawyer, Bob Quine, on the other ax(is), truly bold as love.)

Teaming up with Capsula for an album is so cosmically right it’s surprising; life doesn’t usually proceed along such lines as a perfect Ben and Jerry’s mashup. Okay, so The Naked Flame is lacking the pop tunefullness of Martin Guevera’s songwriting for Capsula, but what it does have is Julian, some years after the fact, perfectly channeling Lester Meyer’s vocals from back in the day.  I mean, you’d be forgiven, once you located Julian’s guitar work, for confusing this for Blank Generation Repaired. The B side loses steam, or at least is spottier than the 6-song A-side, but damn, now we have something other than the two Capsula albums we can hum note for note in our sleep.

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