Credit Where It’s Due

I found the wonderful article wherein the New Pornographers’ sound is likened to what might have happened had George Martin produced Cheap Trick.

Money quote:

“Viewed from that perspective, Together couldn’t be more aptly titled, for it’s full of moments when those distinct influences interact in wonderfully odd ways. In “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk”, for example, Newman cautiously lays a melody over a stuttering chord progression before the song’s chamber pop explodes into ‘70s guitar rock, with Case’s ethereal voice lifting the song into the atmosphere before it falls back down into Newman’s meticulous verses. If, perhaps, George Martin would have produced Cheap Trick, the result might very well have sounded like this.”

3 Responses to “Credit Where It’s Due”

  1. Wendy Goldberg Says:

    John, I’m trying to love “Together” as much as I love the earlier albums, but I’m not feeling that love just yet. It’s almost too soft-pop. But I will see them at the 9:30 in June and make a better/more personal/seriously alcohol-influenced call.

  2. johnbuckley100 Says:

    Wendy – I understand. I’m thinking this is a significant step down from “Twin Cinemas,” though not too far off from “Challengers.” Will see you at the 930 Club, I hope. JB

  3. Wendy Goldberg Says:

    I hope so! Tuesday the 22nd with DTheis and BHarris. W

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