This Much We Know About The New “Exile On Main Street” Tracks

Just going by what NPR, God bless them, is streaming from next week’s re-release of Exile On Main Street, we have some enjoyable hours ahead of us.  Hearing Keith sing a slowed-down, raw version of “Loving Cup” renders that second-side favorite almost wholly new. We can already tell that we’ll also sequence the countryish “Dancing In The Light” with the songs from the ur-Alt.Country second side. “So Divine” sounds less like it was part of the Exile sessions and more like something captured in a different set of sessions… maybe around the time of Metamorphisis’ “I’m Going Down.” (Whenever that was.)

Just from these snapshots, added to the release we already have of the great “Plundered My Soul,” we’re getting  a sense of the best archaeological dig since the days of Howard Carter.

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