First Communion Afterparty Heard From

It’s been lo about two years since First Communion Afterparty, Tulip Frenzy’s favorite unheralded American band, released new music to their adoring fans.  Skyline, Starlight is a three-song EP available as a 7-inch and download through their Minneapolis label, and each of the platter’s potential chart toppers has been streamable through the band’s MySpace page for some time now.  Still, being able to grok on the dreamy “Time Between” at an hour of our choosing, or getting into “Featherhead” whene’er the spirit waggles is a cheese and cracker for an appetite worked up to Mama Carin proportions.  And then there is the slow, deliberate title track, which builds and builds like it’s that great soundboard master Mr. S. Owsley himself at the dials, and all you’re left with is a firm hope that the band gets Earth Heat Sound, the promised follow up to the incredible Sorry For The Mondays and to Those Who Can’t Sing, out of the studio and onto our hard drive. We’re waiting patiently, but only cuz there’s no other choice.

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