A Happy Tale About Elastica’s Justine Frischmann

Tulip Frenzy’s recent immersion in all things Dandy led us, of course, to the song “Shakin'” from Thirteen Tales, which is such a glorious knockoff of the sound with which Elastica all too briefly brightened the ’90s.  It was a reminder of how much we miss Elastica, who when they were in full steam, threatened to revive the even earlier days when Wire and a handful of bands threatened to reorder the musical universe with the old three girl rhumba.  Whatever did happen to Elastica, we wondered… We remembered talk of frontwoman Justine Frischmann’s “health issues.”

And then like a cosmic retort we found in our mailbox the new issue of Uncut with the surprising story that Justine is living in Petaluma, CA, married to a scientist, seriously painting and seriously happy.  She looked, dare we say it, healthy.  Did we mention happy?  Life after Britpop seems to agree with her, and we wish her well.

Though if she were to reform Elastica, that would certainly make our life a little happier… No, no, no, it’s not about our happiness.  Justine, keep painting, take care of yourself, stories like this don’t usually have such happy endings.

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