Tulip Frenzy’s #9 Best Album of 2010: The New Pornographers’ “Together”

To paraphrase Justice Stewart, we know a great New Pornographers album when we hear one. When they released Twin Cinema back in 2006 2005, some cool cats bemoaned the lack of caffeine.  Not us.  We saw it as the Album of The Year, and thought it would be hard for them ever again to reach such heights.  And they haven’t, not with Challengers, and not with this year’s Together. However, even though we expressed a little disappointment when Together was released, they’ve still got it, and with a song like the breathtaking “We End Up Together,” emotional resonance trumps cleverness and Glee-like theatrics.  Our guess is that after solo albums by Neko and Carl, the songwriting well may have been two fingers shy of a tankful.  The fact that they’re back out on the road leads us to believe the next time they go into the studio will lead to good things.

One Response to “Tulip Frenzy’s #9 Best Album of 2010: The New Pornographers’ “Together””

  1. Twin Cinema was released in 2005, not 2006.

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