Will 2011 Be The Year First Communion Afterparty Break Through?

You have to be somewhat of a forensic investigator to find signs of life emanating from First Communion Afterparty, possibly the greatest band in the Universe.  Yes, the “Field of Flowers” video was released last March, and there was that Skyline, Starlight EP, too — the first new music since their brilliant debut studio album came out in 2008. Tantalizingly, we find references to gigs this coming April.  But where’s the album, gang?  We’re waiting.  Where are the gigs outside of the Twin Cities?  The nation needs you.  There are damned few neo-psychedlic bands peddling your special brand of cosmic spice.  We feel you slipping away from us, and we remember when the beat was so strong, the life-force throbbing back in 2008, which just slipped another notch back in the ol’ timeometer. Give us a clue of when the new music’s coming, and if it’s being thwarted by business setbacks, let’s figure this out through crowd-sourced stilletos winging their way through Gordian knots.  We feel 2011 could be the year.  Say yes.

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