News From Tulip Frenzy: The Perfect Disaster’s Phil Parfitt Writes To Declare New Album Out In 2011

Phil Parfitt of The Perfect Disaster and Oedipussy posted a comment on Tulip Frenzy last night indicating that, in 2011, for the first time since 1994, he will have an album of new music out.  Summoning all of our critical and hipster faculties, we have one thing to declare: yippie!

Some may remember in 2009 Tulip Frenzy posed the question of whether Parfitt’s album, Divan, which he released under the band name of Oedipussy,was the “great lost album of the 1990s.”  Some may also remember Parfitt’s original band The Perfect Disaster, which put out a pair of brilliant albums earlier in that distant decade.  Not much has been heard from Phil for a long, long time, and it was a great loss for music.

Then, last night, came this comment: “thank you ladies and gentlemen. I am well.its very very lovely that people appreciate my work. i’ve not stopped writing or recording since Divan, just haven’t got ruond to releasing much; I am though planning to get a new album out this year 2011. there! I’ve said it!
one step follows another step, even when you are walking backwards;

So perhaps 2011 will deliver us a new album from a long-lost and absolutely brilliant voice.  Yippee!

One Response to “News From Tulip Frenzy: The Perfect Disaster’s Phil Parfitt Writes To Declare New Album Out In 2011”

  1. Thanx for this…I never heard “Divan” but i’ ll try to…i remember very well of the marvellous Orange Disaster single “Something’s got to give” which is for me one of the best single of all times ……Happy new Year Phil*****

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