First Communion Afterparty RIP?

Our periodic Googling of First Communion Afterparty — always hoping upon hope that we find news that the best American band of the past five years has overcome whatever obstacles were preventing them from getting that second studio album out the door — has been met with the dispiriting notice on their Facebook page that the band is on hiatus.  There’s the even more ominous bracketing of years the band existed: “2005-2010.”  If this is the case, it is a great pity.  FCAP’s Sorry For All The Mondays & To Those Who Can’t Sing was, in hindsight, the best album released in 2008 — a soaring psychedelic mashup with gritty guitars and this great Marty Balin/Grace Slick thing going on, powered down by a woman with a Mama Cass physique and a Janice Joplin voice.  Subsequent videos promised more, more, more.  But the evidence would seem to indicate there will be no more.  And we are all the less for it.

One Response to “First Communion Afterparty RIP?”

  1. MonsterMawd Says:

    I’m starting to fear the samething….I found your post in a Google search to find recent news about them to no avail….btw: I’m on LastFM as “MonsterMawd” …look me up and let me know if you send friend request, we’ll keep their music alive…

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