Tulip Frenzy’s #3 Best Album of 2011: White Denim’s “D”

White Denim is the inverse of The Black Keys: a maximalist band that shows off what can be created by overdoing it.   Adding a second guitarist on D, they plied the ground between Southern and prog rock, two unfashionable genres that when mixed in the Austinite’s mixmaster came out as an elixir of joy.  When we wrote about D earlier this year, we described them as one of those Ben & Jerry’s mashups mixing Brendan Benson with The Magic Band, because they found a way to take a power pop sensibility and stick it spoon deep into the tight choreography of a Captain Beefheart track.  But even that doesn’t do justice to a band that produced some of my favorite country music of the year.  Great singing, great songwriting, with a turning radius tighter than a Fiat 500, these guys would be the house band for any benefit raising money to Keep Austin Weird.

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