Brendan Canty’s Recommendations On Some Good Fugazi Shows To Download

We asked Brendan Canty, who powered Fugazi from behind the drum kit for all those years, which might be the best pre-1998 sets to download.  We’ve been gorging on the shows from around 2000, both because we loved the set lists, and also in the belief that the sound would be better, as by then everything was recorded on DAT, not simply cassettes.  So we wanted to know, from the 500 or more shows recorded prior to ’98 that one could download from the Dischord site, what did someone who was there think were the better ones.  Here’s what Brendan had to say:

I’ve made a quick list here of shows here that I remember fondly, though I’ve not listened to
them yet for quality’s sake, so it may be a crapshoot.

Download Jun 28, 1992 Berlin, Germany Tempodrome

one of our best shows ever I think, if memory serves me well.
in a circus tent.  I think Christo had the Reichstag wrapped right next door.
Download Aug 28, 1993 Kansas City, KS USA Memorial Hall
In which the boys get a gun pulled on them by wired KC promoters over a ticket surcharge dispute.
listen for the aggro exchanges and the lights being shut off.
Also, soundman gets cigar put out on forehead by same goon.
Download Jul 01, 1997 Dunedin New Zealand Room
In which our love for Dunedin indie pop bands springs forth good will.
Download Jan 25, 1992 Los Angeles, CA USA Hollywood Palladium
the second nights are always better.
Download Oct 26, 1996 Tokyo Japan Guilty
Great gear makes for great shows…sometimes.  And I love japan.
I’ll try to listen to these and see if I’m way off mark.
We’ve listened.  He’s not off the mark.  Great shows, and great sounding recordings, cassette or not. Click on the dates to go straight to the Dischord site.
BTW, Brendan’s band Deathfix is playing Comet tomorrow night, for those in DC with a hankering for pizza, ping pong, and rock’n’roll, and are at the Black Cat on Wednesday, December 14th.

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    Brendan Canty’s Recommendations On Some Good Fugazi Shows To Download | Tulip Frenzy

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