Leica M Monochrom Available In July

Leica M8, old Nocti (f/1).

We love the fact that the new member of Leica’s M family was codenamed “Henri” prior to the announcement yesterday in Berlin. For surely the spirit of Henri Cartier-Bresson is evoked in a digital M with a black & white sensor.  We anxiously await the Leica M10, and for now will avoid the temptation to buy the M Monochrom, as unlike Cartier-Bresson, we think in color, not black & white.  But hats off to Leica, which in the past few years has been completely revived, both as a brand and a business, by Dr. Andreas Kauffman and his colleagues and employees.

For a nice look at what this camera can do, check out Jono Slack’s report from China, where he was able to take it along for the ride.

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