Dan Auerbach’s Influences, Part Two: John Hammond’s “Source Point”


We suppose we could have listed Southern Fried, the album Hammond recorded with… well, Duane Allman seems to be a theme here, does’t he… not to mention all those other Muscle Shoals musicians, from Roger Hawkins to Barry Beckett… But the record we really hear echoed throughout Auerbach’s work, if not musically, then spiritually, is John Hammond’s Source Point.  Is it the finest album ever by a white American bluesman?  Yes, ma’am.  Recorded with just a tight rhythm section, Hammond took care of the rest.  It may not have those big, slow riffs that The Black Keys are famous for, and the drumming is timekeeping, not Patrick Carney’s improv.  But want to know what surely is filed deep inside the Akron native’s soul?  Well, go listen to “No Place To Go.”  And then you tell me.

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