The Uncut Music Award 2012 Longlist

Every year around this time, Uncut Magazine lists the albums in consideration for their Music Awards, the shortlist of which is announced usually around mid-November.  It’s an odd approach, dictated by the necessities of long-lead magazine publishing, because they turn what in essence is their Top 10 list of music from a given year to a cohort culled from a September to September calendar.  Thus, for example, Wilco’s The Whole Love is cited on the 2012 Longlist, even though to our linear, Western-calendar mind, that album isn’t in consideration, because it came out a year ago.

What is oddest about their list this year is how so much of Calendar Year 2012’s best music isn’t on it.  Okay, they have Ty Segall and White Fence’s Hair, which Tulip Frenzy readers should know right now is going to loom large in our Top Ten list, published in time for Christmas shopping.  But where is Spiritualized?  Cat Power?  Patti Smith?  We appreciate seeing Dr. John on the list, but we wonder: with Laura Marling, Dexy’s, and Richard Hawley on the list, is this going to be another one of those years when they try selling us the hooey that Portishead or Joanna Newsom deserve such honors?

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