The Lost Glove Is Happy

For much of the past week, we have been thinking about synchronicity.  No, not the Police album.  More like the theory outlined in Arthur Koestler’s The Roots Of Coincidence, which described causally unrelated events occurring.

This flows from the following: last Saturday, while traveling, we began reading Pale Fire for the first time since college… for the first time, come to think of it, since we read Koestler… and we chuckled when Nabokov’s gloriously unreliable narrator Charles Kinbote relates a proverb from the mythical country of Zembla, that goes, “The lost glove is happy.”  Kind of struck a chord, but we chalked it up to having read the book so long ago.

And then on Monday, for some strange reason, we played Luna’s great 2003 album Rendezvous, whose first song is “Love Dust.”  And about three verses in, Dean Wareham sings:

I’m bad with faces

And worse with names

But the lost glove is happy

It’s all the same

And we about launched from our driver’s seat.  What are the odds of that?  Haven’t played “Love Dust” in a year or more…

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